When entering the owner's bank details on the website will be useful for businesses where the reservation guarantee is forwarded to the owner when the reservation is confirmed. Follow the steps to make this setup:

Step 1. Enable bank transfer on the website

  1. Access [Finance > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways];
  2. Fill out the requested information in the [Bank] option.

Step 2. Enable bank details in the website settings

  1. Access [Settings > Website > Reservation Charging];
  2. Check [Yes] on the option [Show owner's bank details to the guest?].

Step 3. Register the product's bank details

  1. Access [Users and guests > Owners] and click on the desired owner;
  2. Click on [Payment information > Receiver bank account] and register the bank details. Select the radio button to the account you want to show.
The posting of transactions must be done manually by your team on the reservations page.