One of the common actions in the e-commerce environment is the granting of discounts to the consumer according to the chosen form of payment.

It is possible to configure the discount per payment channel by following the steps below:

  1. Access [Finance > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways];
  2. Choose the payment channel where you want to apply the setting;
  3. On the channel page, at the bottom of the screen, mark "YES" in the discount option;
  4. Choose the type of discount to be granted, [Fixed Amount] or [Percentage];
  5. Save the changes made.
If your system is from the Agency plan, you will also have the [Accounting Position] field, where you can set the destination of card fees for your financial control.
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After doing this action, in the reservation process on your site the discount granted for the chosen form of payment will be presented to the guest, as shown in the example below:

When selecting the channel, discounts will automatically be granted on the reservation amount:

The discount will appear as an item on the reservation invoice at the time of payment.
If the payment is rejected, it is important that you remove the discount posted on the reservation page!

It is important to mention that the flow of discounts through payment channels works differently for bank deposits, so if you want to apply discounts on this form of payment too, be sure to read the article below: