It is possible that, in some cases, there is not enough data to generate indicators, therefore you will receive an error message when generating the indicators on your The main reasons are:

Listing very different from the standard locationThat is, if the listing has very specific or unique characteristics that make it different from the standard location.
Listing registration problemIn case you have listings according to the region and, even so, there is no indicators, it may be that the information is not registered correctly on your
Remember that, even though AirDNA is the leader of statistics on the vacation rental market, the sample of indicators is composed of listings similar to yours in some criteria, like address and the number of guests, for example.
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It is possible to have cases in which AirDNA will be able to generate indicators even if your listingg breaks the location standard.

Now that you already know the reason why there is no AirDNA data in certain listing, how about checking out more related subjects?