The tendency in these cases is that you will receive an error message generated by AirDNA stating that the sample for your benchmark could not be found. However, if you have indicators generated, check below how you can use them in the analysis:

1Check the listings that have characteristics similar to yours on Airbnb;
2See, on the listings` calendar, which ones have more busy periods and select them for your analysis list.  Having many busy periods is an indicator of a high occupancy rate;
3Check the price suggested by AirDNA and calculate the difference in the average percentage that the competing listings have and the average market value;
4Apply the percentage that you found on the average rate of the market to form the price of your daily rates.

From these actions, you will have prices aligned with the market practice of your region and will become competitive.

About the prices, the indicator is related to the region´s touristic demand, so you just need to consider the indicators to make your Prices Rules in a way that is attractive to the guests.

Now that you already know how to use AirDNA indicators if the listing is different from the local pattern, how about checking out more related subjects?