Do you work with Instant Reservations, but do you have restrictions if any guests book too early?

In this article you will see how to configure this restriction.

Setting the Policy for All Accommodations

If your Policy is the same in all the accommodations of your business, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to [Catalog> Settings> Reservation Settings];
  2. Locate the option [Limit Reservations in Advance];
  3. Click on the box [Enable];
  4. Select whether the interval will be in [Days] or [Months];
  5. Enter the desired interval;
  6. Save your changes to the bottom left side of the screen.

Setting the Policy per Accommodation

If you work with policies differentiated by accommodation, simply follow the steps indicated above, but instead of checking [Enable], check the box [Allow custom settings for each property] and save the changes. From there, in each accommodation, go to the [Contract Configuration] option and make the adjustment according to your preferences:

The Final Configuration Result

When you make this setting, the system will automatically create Locks in the Stays Calendar based on the current day.

Example: If you have setted 20 days, the accommodation calendar will always have a Blocking after 20 days from the current date.

This Lock moves with the passage of days and in your Calendar will have the indication that comes from this configuration, as the example below:

Because it is applied directly to Calendar Stays, this setting applies to both the site and connections to sales channels, including iCal connections.


When is it appropriate to use this setting?
If you can, always try to work your pricing for the next 18 months, as this is the Channels Policy and this can help you earn excellent Reservations.

Can I apply differentiated prices to guests who book well in advance?
Yes. Through the Basic Rules of Dynamic Pricing, you can apply an action called "early booking discount" that is related to granting discounts to guests who make Reservations well in advance.
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I have no restrictions on guests booking in advance, but I do not accept last minute bookings. Should I configure a range in this tool?
No. The most appropriate setting for you to manage this is the Last Minute Booking policy, which is also in [Catalog> Settings> Reservations Settings] and can be customizable by accommodation.
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