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Setting the standard additional fee

To configure your additional fee for arrivals before your standard time, access the [Settings > Reservations > Arrivals and Departures] menu. In the [Arrivals Settings] section, find the [Do you charge for early arrivals?] field and mark [Yes].

In the [Start] field, enter the time limit for arrivals before the standard.

In the [How do you charge?] part, set the fixed amount or in percentage and save the changes.

Configuring the additional fee per listing

In case you need to configure a different additional fee per listing, access the listing page and click on the [Distribution > Reservation Settings] tab. Find the [Arrival Settings] section.

Just click on the [Individual] button, enter the desired setting and save the changes.

By clicking on the [Global] button it will also be possible to see the preview of the setting that was applied to the global model of the system.

If necessary, you can also apply courtesies in exceptional cases in a specific reservation.

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