After you have seen the concept of Vertical Tariff Groups, if you have identical accommodations you can optimize the creation process not only of the Tariff Group, but also of your accommodations.

In this case, it is recommended to register only one accommodation and then clone it according to the number of available units.

It's only important to note that clone accommodations will always be tied to the original so it will not be possible to make content edits on these products.

How to build a Cloned Group?

Once you've linked the original list to a list with multiple units, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Multi-Unit List page;
  2. Click on the [Accommodations] tab;
  3. Then go to the [Refresh] button;
  4. When you open the list of accommodations, click [Copy / Clone / Group] next to the accommodation that will be the master of the group
  5. In the next window, click [Create a Cloned Group];
  6. Select the Name of your Tariff Group and how many units you want to create, from the original;
  7. After placing the quantity, place the internal code of each accommodation that will be created;
  8. Do not forget to Activate the clone accommodations in the system
    Important: For security, cloned accommodations are set to "Draft" status after creation

This will be the final result after the creation of the Cloned Group.

Vertical Tariff Groups with Cloned Products and the connection to the Sales Channels

Regarding and Expedia, the master accommodation will be the only one of the tariff group that will be connected and our system will send the availability based on the calendar of all the products of the group, ie if your group has a master accommodation and 04 slave accommodations, the standard is that it is a product with 05 units available in these sales channels.
Here is an example from one of our partners on

For AirBnB, you may set up only one product to represent your Tariff Group, but we recommend using the feature to market the lists individually, since the channel feature is for apartments and seasonal homes.

If you want to use only one product representing the entire group, simply go to the AirBnB Channel Manager settings within Stays and check the "Yes" option in the corresponding field:

In this model it is important to note that the Reserves will always be allocated in the master accommodation and availability will be based on the master schedule as well, ie if the master is free in the period, you receive Reservations, if you are not even with the other free, you would not receive!


How will the Reservations arriving from the Sales Channels be allocated in my Stays Calendar?
Reservations from and Expedia will be allocated randomly in the Tariff Group Calendars.
There is no hierarchy on master or slave in this case so it is important that you keep the schedule organization of your Tariff Group so that there are long loopholes in some accommodations or the Reserves are allocated according to your preferences.

Can I change a Reserve that came from an OTA (Selling Channel) to another Tariff Group via Stays?
No. Each Reservation is related to an accommodation ID, so you must keep it tied in the original accommodation (or tariff group) of the Reservation.
In order to avoid conflicts, accommodation relocation cases in Reservations from OTA must be managed by the OTA portal, as the accommodation code is updated and our system will automatically transfer to the Stays Calendar.

I work with similar but not identical accommodations. Is it possible to make a short cut to register these accommodations?

Yes. If they are located at the same address (linked to a multi-unit list), you can copy accommodations to expedite registration.
Unlike the Cloning function, the contents of the Cloning function can be edited completely after the copy process and you can later set up a Vertical Tariff Group with Similar Products if you wish.
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How do I delete a Vertical Tariff Group with Cloned Products?
When you click on [Edit Group] next to the master accommodation, the cloned products will be listed on the screen with a "Trash" button, just click and the deletion will be done.
It is very important to note that if your accommodation is already connected to the Sales Channels, it is important to check if there are any periods where all accommodations were occupied and, if so, to check where your guest will be relocated.

To avoid this situation, it is always advisable to work with a margin to allow editing of the calendar or direct sales.
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