By posting transactions in your [Accounts Payable] or [Accounts Receivable] panel, it is possible to link this posting to some areas of your, in order to have more search options in your financial routine.

To help understand the relations of each field above, check out the table below:

Relations Type
Chart of accountsFrom the [Category] field, you will be able to link the transaction to an accounting item and generate more results in tools like [Accounting Balance] and [Accounts Statements].SEE DETAILS
CashFrom the [Account] field you will be able to specify which cash account of your business the transaction belongs to.
Do not forget to configure your banks and team members with cash account!
ProvidersBy relating your transactions with suppliers, from the [Accounts Statements] screen, you will be able to check invoices, make surveys on the total spent, among other checks.SEE DETAILS
Costs centersFrom the [Sector] field, you will be able to set which area of your operations this transaction belongs to and, in the medium term, it will be possible to check how much is spent with each department of your business. SEE DETAILS
ListingsThis will bring a great benefit in relation to the individual performance of each listing, from the [Listings Statistics] tool.
Also, if it is a transaction involving owners, it will be a mandatory field of the transaction.

If you still have questions regarding the posting of your transactions and the relations, has some transaction templates to help you with the registration.
Check the links below for some templates: