Throughout the process of building your site, our Design Team will assist you in building the layout, insertion of images and other structural activities of the project, however there is an essential part that we need your help with: identity-related content of your brand.

Because we have partners from different realities and areas of activity, our Team periodically updates Portuguese, English and Spanish translations in the website structure. Usually this happens when there is development of new features that involve the site, so it is important that throughout the design of the site, check some points that meet the identity of your brand or reality and, therefore, in this article, we will how to quickly make some adjustments to your site content.

Translations "On-the-fly"

This feature will help you navigate the screens of your site while checking for items to adjust to suit your needs by simply clicking the "Ctrl" key and the translation interface will open for you.

Enabling the "On-the-fly" feature

To enable On-the-fly, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Access your website (just remove the "/ i" from your browser address if you are logged in);
  2. Once logged in, go to the menu located at the top right of the screen (where your name is);
  3. Click on the option "Translate On-the-fly";

Editing translations via "On-the-fly"

Once you've done the above steps, your website will have words or phrases highlighted in yellow. That means you can translate them: just click on them while pressing the [Ctrl] key on your keyboard.

When you do this, an interface will be available to you with the original system term and the languages available for translation:

After saving your changes, they will be applied right after your action on your site!

Translations via Internal Menu System

The "On-the-fly" feature is the simplest option to make adjustments to your site, however there are some terms that do not apply to this feature, so you can access them from within the system by following the steps below:

  1. Go to [Website & Template Manager> Translations> Web Page];
  2. Go to "Filter Records" and search for the desired word or phrase;
  3. See the generated list and in the desired item, click on the pen to edit;
  4. Save Changes!

The effect will be the same as the "On-the-fly" translations.

Translations via Template Manager

If you have found a certain term that you want to translate and tried the two previous paths but had no results, there is another area of translations of the system - for more advanced users - that is used to manage the site's templates.

In this case, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to [Website & Template Manager> Templates> Template Management];
  2. Locate the templates on the left side of the screen and select the desired one;
  3. After loading the template, go to the "Content" tab;
  4. If it is a template with texts, there will be a text preview and the "Translate" button;
  5. Click on it, make your adjustments and save your changes!
  6. Do not forget to also save the edited template, to the upper right side of the page!

If you have questions about the place to translate the term, do not hesitate to contact us via


I have not yet started the process of editing my website with Design. What should I do to start the process?
The first step is to fill out our editing form, because there you can give us your ideas about your site and our Designer adjust the layout of your site. This form is delivered during the Implementation Process, but if you wish, click here on the button below and fill it out now!


What languages are available for my site translation?
Stays works with English, Spanish and Portuguese languages by default. If you disable or enable languages, simply go to [Catalog> Settings> General Settings] and locate the "System Languages" option.

Who can access the "On-the-Fly" translation feature? Will my guests see this on the site?

The "On-the-Fly" translation feature will only be available to system admin users ("sysadmin"), so stay calm! Your site's common visitors will not see this option!

How can I enable access to translations inside the systemto to my collaborators?

In this case, the system has the "localization.edit" permission. Just enable it in the user roles that you want to have this access.