has a website designed to help you get online reservations and make your brand visible on as many devices as possible, whether on smartphones, tablets or computers (responsive website).

Initially your page will have a standard content from common to all partners and, throughout the editions, you will be able to leave your page with your business identity.

See below some tips on this step:

Layout has a website with a default structure for all partners, however, using edit codes it is possible to customize some modules of your page.
This process is centralized in our design team and you can send us your ideas from the first moments of the project.
Language adjustmentsIn which languages do you want to make your website available?
Configuring your policy in relation to languages is fundamental, since it is from there that the content registration interfaces of your will be adjusted according to your reality.
Text adjustmentsRegarding texts, you will have access to more editing areas and will be able to make most of the adjustments yourself.
This is an essential step in relation to your website since initially brings a standard text content to all partners.
Menu items adjustmentsUsually the adjustments are made during the construction of the website by our design team, however if after this initial phase you want to add menus with content or with redirection to external pages, it is possible to adjust through the panels of your DETAILS
Main website photos adjustmentsThe websites have a main image at the top of the page in slide format whose main objective is to be a business card to the users of your website, showing your best listing, attractions in your city or some content of your preference.
These photos can be changed as many times as you wish, through a configurable panel of your