When accessing the pricing area of your listings and loading the AirDNA data, you will have some numbers on the screen.
These numbers represent the average daily rates practiced in the region, during the month, on Airbnb listings similar to yours.

Check out below how to interpret the graph:

OrangeRepresents how the value of your daily rates is in relation to the market.
BlueRepresents the market value. It is for you to make a comparision between the values.
The value referring to your daily rates is based on your rate plan with the lowest minimum stays plus the value of the cleaning fee proportional to the number of nights.

See an example below:

Minimum stay = 3 nights

Daily rate = R$ 100.00

Cleaning fee  = R$ 150.00

The result will be R$ 150.00: R$ 100.00 refers to the daily rate + R$ 50.00 (resulting from 150/3 nights).

Now that you know how to interpret the graph of the average daily rates price, how about checking out more related subjects?