In each accommodation, in the price setting part, you will see a value on the chart: it represents the average value of the daily rates for the month calculated in a sample between 10 and 50 similar accommodations based on the location and structural characteristics. The blue line represents how it is priced relative to the market and serves as a general comparison.

The price is based on your price plan with the shortest minimum stay, adding up to the cleaning fee amount.

The data presented is a monthly average, so for periods when there is a peak of prices, it is convenient to keep lower values on other days of the month to reach a competitive average price.
A good example in this case is the New Year's Eve, where prices inflate to about 500%, and, based on the fact that normally the first days of December tend to be low-moving, prices in this period are often low.

Our suggestion regarding this indicator is to try to keep your price below average if your accommodations do not stand out from the rest in terms of features and services, thus ensuring an additional attraction to your list over competitors. Mind the Holidays and Events because prices tend to rise and you should do the same, but this price spike should be diluted over the course of the month in order to have an average price consistent with the market value.


With regard to price formation, how is the cleaning fee calculated?
As we stated above, the cleaning rate goes into the calculation of the average daily values. The calculation is done taking the total amount of the rate and dividing by the number of nights of the lowest rate plan, that is, the cleaning fee is proportional to the number of nights of your minimum stay.

Practical example:
minimum stay = 03 nights
daily value = R$100,00
cleaning fee = R$150,00

The result will be R$ 150,00: R$ 100,00 refers to the daily rate + R$ 50,00 (resulting from 150/3 nights).

How is the data obtained by Airdna?
Airdna collects information from 10 to 50 AirBnB accommodations that are more similar to yours considering location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and maximum guest capacity. To learn more details about the study, click the button below:

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In addition to the average monthly value indicator of the daily, which Statistics do I have from AirDna?
In addition to the daily allowance, you have the indicator that measures the occupancy Forecast of your region. To know more details click the link below:

I want to know more about Average Occupancy Forecast!