When making your Reservation's Forwarding routine, automatically or manually, these are the possibilities:

  • Forwarded: when the total amount of the owner's credit has been entered into the system, whether in a single amount or in installments. The reservation turns green on the owners' calendar and the system informs that the entire amount has been confirmed. It is important to pay attention to inform to your financial department the payment order.
  • Non-forwarded: if the routine of forwarding has not been initiated, regardless of whether the guest confirms the reservation or not, the reserved period will only be a block on the owner's calendar and will not have any type of information, such as the credit to get. Reservations with this status still need you to confirm the amount to be paid to the owner.
  • Incomplete forwarding: indicates that the credit to the owner has been confirmed, but the total amount of this credit still needs to be entered in the forwarding routine. On the owners' calendar, they can already see the confirmed reservation and the total amount they will get. The reservation remains in this status from the confirmation of the credit until the amounts' entries.
You will be able to filter your reservations according to the forwarding status from the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] screen.

Remember that from the moment that your forwarding has the [Incomplete forwarding] status, the credit entries to the owner will be manageable on the [Finance > Owner's Statements] menu.