Within the accommodation price setting, there is a field called [Default Currency] where you will need to set the default currency to enter your prices. Currency options will be generated according to what you have set up on your system as default currency and alternatives, and the option will apply to the price interfaces of the product within the system.

This will assist you in registering the daily rates, fees, deposits and other price registration interfaces for each accommodation.

Setting the Default List Currency

To set the default list currency, you need to follow the path below:

  1. Access the page of your accommodation;
  2. Locate the [Sale Prices] option on the left side and click on it;
  3. Then select [General Settings];
  4. Adjust the default currency to your preference;
  5. If there is a price conversion, check the rate and adjustment, if necessary;
  6. Do not forget to save at the end of the process!


Where does this setting apply?
It will apply to all Stays accommodation price registration interfaces, including Real State and Long Term Rental products, if applicable.

Why does not it apply directly to connections to OTAs?
Each OTA has differentiated policies about the default currency of an ad in relation to their portal, so it is necessary that the adjustment be done individually per channel.

In Reservations made on the site or by my Reservation agents in the system, how does the default currency apply?

In both cases there is the possibility to choose the standard currency of the contract. In relation to the guest, it has an option on the site for navigation and, in case it closes a Reservation, it will be the default currency of the contract:

For Reserves made manually through the system, during the creation of Reserve, there is the option below:

The currency I want does not appear in the list of options. Why?
The first reason is that your system may not have it enabled in the settings.

Click here to learn how to enable currencies in the system!