To search for more information about your confirmed bookings, you can check the statistics area of your

To reach this area, just access the [Statistics > Source and Creation] menu.

Upon reaching the screen, you will be able to access the following information:

Bookings by partnerIt will be possible to see who are your partners that most generate bookings.
For a better view of this statistic, be sure to register your business partners and list bookings to them, if necessary!
Bookings in advanceSee how far in advance of the check-in date your guests are making reservations.
This can help you remember about keeping prices up to date and even set up pricing strategies depending on when the booking is made.
Average length of staysAnalyze how many days your guests stay in your lodgings.
This can be a basis for your prices policy, offering additional experiences and services and other strategic actions for your business.
Day of the week the booking was madeFrom this indicator, you measure which days of the week your guests make the most bookings.
Based on this, you can, for example, promote promotional actions on your social networks or mass emailing.
Partners x websiteIn this indicator you will be able to check if your bookings arrive more through your website or through other partners.
Remember that to receive online bookings on your website, you must have at least one compatible payment channel to complete the booking process.
Instant bookings vs agentsThis analysis serves to give you a comparison of how many bookings were made directly by the guest, either on a sales portal or website and how many needed the action of one of your agents, either through the assembly of a commercial proposal or clarification by phone or chat before making the reservation.SEE DETAILS

In addition to this information, another valid indicator for your analysis is the average ticket, which serves to check the profitability of your lodgings.