Despite your website having an integrated booking engine for online reservation, there are some cases in which the guest may register a doubt or even prefer to make the reservation with someone in contact.

For this and other cases, there is a reservation request form displayed to the user and the end result is the creation of an item in your [Request Manager]. 

See below the different places the form is activated:

Reservation request formIn listings that are not available for instant reservations on the website, the form is presented prominently to the user when they choose the listing they want to book.
As for the listings that are available for instant reservations, the process is done based on the user's choice in the [E-mail] option, as in the example beside.
The end result of the form is to create an item in your request manager and, in parallel, there is an email notification triggered to a member of your team.
Multistays offers offers the possibility for the guest to request reservations in two or more interspersed listings for a period when you do not have full availability.
Upon finishing this flow on the website, the user must fill in a form with basic information.
When filling out the document, your requests manager will receive a request with a green highlight and there will be an email notification to the registered address to receive these alerts.
Contact formBy default, your page also has a menu named [Contact], whose main function is to provide the user of your website with an open service channel.
In this case, the communications are more generic, such as looking for job vacancies or other institutional matters, but it is important to be prepared for any possible listings requests.
The form follows the trend of the other screens and, in this case, the request will only be triggered to the email configured to receive the alert.

It is important to mention that these form templates are standardized and you can only adjust the fields names and the [How did you find us?] and [How do you want us to contact you?] options.