One of the most common fields in search forms, register among others is the field "How did you find us?". This serves to assist the manager in making decisions about which channels of disclosure are most effective and which need adjustment. It is important that you can trace the source of your Reservation requests. In our system, the tool that will help you in this control is called "Sources of Leads".

Configuring Leads in the System

So as not to leave you without options, our system already has by default some more common alternatives like Facebook, Google and old guests, for example, but as you engage in partnerships and brand awareness, you can add new options as well to make adjustments to those that already exist.
Go to [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Leads Source] and check the details of the screen:

  • "Active" field: Set whether or not the option is available on your site. Just click the box to adjust your setting.
  • "Name" field: This is an internal locator that indicates the lead source. It is not displayed on the site or in other areas of the system.
  • "Text" field: When editing your item by clicking on the "pen" on the right side, you can enter how you want the option to be visible to your guests on the site. You can place content for each active language in your system.
  • "User's Input" option: If the option "yes" is selected on the panel, means that your guest will have an extra field on the site to enter a name. This is useful for example in "Other. Which?". When you click on the little pen, there will be a box called [User Input]. Just select it and you'll apply this to the site after you save!
  • "Partner" field: You can relate your lead sources directly to your trading partners! That is, assuming you pay for a service like Google Adwords and have registered a Business Partner called "Google", if you want to create a "Google" option in marketing options for any requests, you can relate it directly to the business partner . This is very useful for the Order Statistics module as well.

Integration of Sources of Leads with other areas of the system

  • Site - Order Form: In the areas of the site where there is a form filling out by a user for both Reservations and doubts in general, there is an option called "How did you find us?". That's where the sources of leads you've signed up for!

  • Site - Multistays Offer: Upon completion of the staging of a Multistays Offer independently on the site, the guest will also be consulted on how he/she has known your business.
    Click here if you would like to know more about Multistays Offer!

  • Request Manager: Next to each registered order there will be an indicator of the lead source, according to the example indicated by the red arrow. Next, in the red highlight, would be the Commercial Partner and if there was the relationship, would already be filled automatically as well.

  • Reservation and Order Statistics: Although the indicators are related to Business Partners, the sources of leads relate indirectly to the screens. Just make sure each one is linked to a Partner and this helps you to automatically link the source of your Reservation requests.


Is it possible to add a Source of Leads to the system?
Yes. When accessing the marketing options configuration screen, click the blue arrow at the top right of the screen.

How do I add a business partner to the base of the system?
Just go to [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Partnerships] and register. If you want to see more details, click the link below:
Click here for more details on Partnership!

Into the site, can I translate the field where it presents the lead sources?
Yes. You can make the adjustment via [Websites & Templates Manager> Translations> Frontend]. When you get to the screen, just search the registry and change as you wish.