Ways of Communication is a tool that assists you in relation to the best channel to get in touch with your potential guests.

These will be options that the guest can bookmark on the site when making Reservation Requests and also for you or your staff to register requests.

Configuring the Communication Ways in the System

By default, our system provides 04 channel options: Email, WhatsApp, Phone and Chat. You can edit the name of the options that will be available to guests and their business team, as well as to define which ones are visible on the site or not.

To access the screen, go to [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Communication Ways].

See below for each component of the screen:

  • "Active" field: The field is related to the visibility of the option to site users. Even if the box is not selected, it is available on the internal screens of the system. Different from the other fields, you can edit by clicking on the box next to it and the change is already applied soon!
  • "Name" field: This field is only a technical information of the system. Can not edit.
  • "Text" field: Shows the text that will be used to indicate the option to users. You will be able to translate in all the actived languages in your system, just click on the "pen" on the right side and edit the content.
  • "Default" field: It is for you to define which option(s) should be checked on the site, when loading the page and also in the requests created via system, if the user does not check any option, the system will take the options marked as pattern. You can edit the option in the pen on the right side and, if the field is default, the panel will have a "yes" tag to indicate this.

Integration of Communication Ways with other areas of the system

Let's see which places are related to your Communication Ways setting.

  • Site - Contact Forms: The Communication Channels will be present in the contact forms available on the site. Your guest or site user can mark the options he wants and this will be allocated on the [Booking Request Manager] screen or triggered by email, depending on the type of Request that is.
    Click here if you want to know more about the Order types on your site!

  • Site - Flow of Multistays Offers: The concept is very similar to the Contact Forms, however in this case there is the email trigger on the Multistays Offer request and, in parallel, there is a record in the system Request Manager.
    Click here if you would like to know more about Multistays Offers!

  • Creating Orders in the Request Manager: Within the [Offers & Promotions> Booking Requests Manager] menu, you can either filter requests by the guest's favorit communication way or choose the communication way when creating a new request on the system.


Is it possible to choose more than one communication option on the website and system?
Yes. Just press [Ctrl] while clicking the options.

Is it possible to change the form of communication chosen within the Request Manager?

Yes. To do this, simply access the record in the Booking Request Manager and then click [Actions> Edit]. When choosing the new values, just save!

I tried to change the Communication Way of a request according to the above path but I could not. Is it a system problem?
Probably not! Make sure your user has a role that has the "email.request.edit" permission enabled. If you already have done this and you can not adjust it anyway, please give us a call at sac@stays.com.br!