When you open your system screen, you will be presented with some data that will help you visualize relevant indicators about your reservation routine. 

See below for more information about each indicator:

ReceptionIt generates the number of arrivals and departures for the selected period.
It is possible to select the tomorrow, next week and custom period periods upon clicking on the "today" word.
By clicking on the numbers, you will be redirected to the reception screen.
New ReservationsIt generates the number of reservations commercialized on the current day.
It is possible to filter by next week and last month, after clicking on the "today" word.
By clicking on the numbers, you will be redirected to the [Find Reservation] screen.
Source of ReservationsIt generates the indication of which commercial partners generated your reservations over the past week.
It is also possible to filter by last month and last 3 months, after clicking on the "last week" word.
Occupancy RateIt generates the expected occupancy rate of your available listings in the selected period.
The default is the projection for the next week and when you click on that word, you will also be able to filter by next month and next 3 months.

When you change the status of a reservation, the system will reset the reservation creation date and consider it in the Source of Reservations chart.
If you are from the Agency plan and want to restrict access to this information for specific members of your team, it is possible to create a new role and disable the health.view permission.
I want to know more...

Now that you know about the initial indicators of your Stays.net, how about taking a look at our partnership with AirDNA, which provides market data for your region, such as prices and occupancy rates?