When you open the screen of your system, you will be presented with some data that help you to visualize relevant indicators about your Reservations routine. See below for more details on each of them:

IN / OUT indicator

Relevant information to have an estimate of the flow of check-ins and check-outs from your accommodations. By default, the data for the current day is displayed, however you can choose the options "tomorrow", "next week" or even filter a range of your preference.
It has integration with the [IN / OUT] screen of the Reservation Center and the main use would be to pre-organize your operational routine of check-ins and check-outs.
Tip: By clicking on the numbers, the system will take you to the page that generated this data!

New Reservation Indicator

This information serves to indicate how your sales are today, or the time period you choose. "Stays" is the total number of Bookings closed in the period and "Nights" is the sum of nights rented from these Reservations. You can also filter the "last week" and "last month" periods.
The screen is integrated with the [Find Reservations] tool of the Reservation Center and considers the date of creation of the Pre-Reservations, Reserves and Contracts.
Tip: By clicking on the numbers, the system will take you to the page that generated this data!

Indicator Source of Reservations

This information serves to indicate which Business Partner generates the most Reserves for you. This is for you to spot improvement points on other partner channels you have, or to further narrow the relationship with the partner who most generates results. By default, the system presents you with information from the last week, however you can filter by "last month" or "last 03 months" as well.
It is important to note that in this chart only "Reservations" and "Contracts" are considered, that is, "Pre-Reserves" are not part of the Statistics in question until you have a confirmed payment.

Occupancy Forecast Indicator

This indicator is used to measure how the occupancy of your accommodation is for the next periods. This is one of the key indicators for planning your business. By default, the chart displays indicators for the following week, however you can choose to view the forecast over the next month or the next 03 months. In the graph three lines of different colors are presented and it is important to understand:

  • Blue Line: Indicates the % of your accommodations that have been made available for rent to the general public. In the example below, we have a deal with 56 accommodations and and 42 of them are booked:

  • Green Line: Indicates the % of your accommodations that are unavailable to rent due to Calendar Locks, either at the Owner's request or Maintenance in general, among other reasons. In the following example, the deal has 61 accommodations in total, but 16 units are not available for rent:

  • Black Line: Indicates the % of your accommodations that in fact have confirmed Reservations in the period. This percentage will always have as a reference the total available accommodations on the green line. In the example above, we have seen that 16 of the 61 accommodations were blocked, so the black line is considered the number of 45 accommodations as the total of the day in question, as we can see below:


I have a Team working with me and I do not want everyone to see this information. Is it possible to hide them from the user of them?
Yes. These graphs are related to the Functions and Permissions of a system user, so you just have to configure your system functions correctly. If you want, for example, to hide the Occupancy Rate and Reservation Source of the user, simply disable the "health.view" permission.

How do I consult the Source of Reservation in the system? And how can I include it?
The base of the system options is in the "Central of Partnerships" screen and you can also include it. Everything is done on the screen and you can get more details clicking here to see the article on this topic.

I want to know more about my Occupancy Forecast! Is there any other screen besides the graph where I can check more information?
Yes, depending on your contracted plan. You can find more filter options within [Statistics> Occupation Forecats].