Stays has a content connection with AirBnB and during the process one of the most frequent doubts is related to linking the charges that are charged in the system to the standard rates that exist in AirBnB. The process is very simple and we will demonstrate now.

How do I link my additional fees to those of AirBnB?

After setting up your additional fees, follow the path below:

1) Access [External Connections> Channel Managers> AirBnB];

2) Access the [Configuration] tab;

3) Relate your system fees to existing AirBnB;

4) Click Save (the button appears after you have chosen an item from the list).


Why should I link my rates to those of AirBnB?
This process is important for content connections because the system will properly send the information to AirBnB and at the same time, when receiving a Reservation from there via VR connection, the system will import the fees correctly on your Stays Reservation Page.

I have a VR Connection and I want to edit my rates on AirBnB. How to make?

By having a VR connection, you can not edit via AirBnB portal, so simply access the page of your accommodation in Stays (if you want to edit prices, for example) or the Stays and AirBnB rates ratio page (if you want to change the structure ). When you make the change, the system will update the content in a few hours (usually 6 hours) on AirBnB.

Is it possible to speed up the process of editing cleaning fees on AirBnB, if necessary?

Yes, if it is an emergency action, simply access the AirBnB connection panel, click the [Update] button and select the [Update Pricing Settings] option.