On main page of Website , the guest can check the property availability using search filters. Once the client select the property, to complete the booking process,  will be required to register. 

By clicking on “Book now” the System will request an e-mail, first and last name, the country and a phone number in order to register the guest.

Only by placing these informations, the guest will be able to complete the registration, and at the same time he will be able to go forward with booking process, and he will be directed to payment page;


Can the guest complete a booking without registering?

No. It will be necessary for the guest to complete the registration in order to complete booking,

The button "Book Now" does not appear in my website. Why?

Probably your listing is not allowed to receive online reservations or the request is in a shorter time than your policy in advance of check-ins. To read more about this setups, click here.