On main page of Website, the guest can login or register.

To do this just click on "Login" button placed in the upper right corner.

For a new customer it will only be necessary to click on the field "Please click to register”.

After this just put First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone number to complete the registration


How the guest set his own password?

After login, the guest can click on their name and access the profile, here the password can be set.

Is it possible to add a documents (CPF / CNPJ) to the customer registration?

Yes it is, 

  1. Login to System

  2. Go to Users & Clients > Users

  3. Find guest account 

  4. Add needed informations

If the guest make a reservation directly in the website, without login in, can I still have his informations?

Yes. In case the guest didn't log in, it's possible to have the information during the reservation process. The system will apply the same interface of the login button.