After completing the registration and having the API keys in hand, it is time to create the Stripe Payment Channel in your system.

Configuring the Stripe Payment Channel in the system:

1. Access the following path: [Channels & Tools> Payment Gateways> Online Payments];

2. Click the green "+" button, then choose the "Stripe" option and click the "Next" button;

3. Fill in the required fields and, in the end, be sure to enable and save your Payment Channel.

Below is the details of each field:

Internal Name

It will be useful for your internal organization. This name will appear in other Financial Module interfaces and transaction logs, so it is recommended to put the name of the channel in question.


Choose the option "Credit Cards". When you do this, some cardboard icons will appear ...
They are for you to add or not to the site, but it is worth mentioning that the marking or deselection of the icons does not influence the configuration register made with PayPal.


Check the currency options where you want the Channel to be available for payments.
Because it is a channel that accepts multiple currencies, it is recommended to at least mark "BRL", "EUR" and "USD".

Important: In transactions made in R$, IOF will be charged.


Sets the maximum number of interest-free installments that you accept the payments.
You must enter in the field what was defined between you and PayPal when you register with them.


It will be the name of the Channel that will appear to your guest on the site.
Normally the recommended content is to indicate the form of payment. Ex: Payments by credit card.


Content will accompany the title entered and will be an information for the guest.
You can usually use content like "Pay at up to 3x using PayPal".

Access Keys

Essential information for the activation of the Channel. In the "User" field, you must place your login next to the stripe and in the fields "Public Live Key" and "Secret Live Key" the API keys generated by the Stripe portal should be inserted. You can learn more about how to get this information here!


Internal configuration related to the Financial Module of the system. This link is important because the system will automatically get you from the rate you set, allocate that cost tied to a position in your Position Setup.

Do not forget to activate and save your channel at the end of the process!


Stripe accepts Tickets?
No. Stripe only acts with payments by credit card.

Is it possible to make sales using Stripe?
Yes, Stripe is compatible with this feature and will assist you mainly in OTA Reservations. To learn more about typed sales, click here!

Is there another channel that accepts Stays-compatible international credit card payments?
Yes. Stays is compatible with PayPal and also with Cielo.
Note: In the case of Cielo, it is important to emphasize that this feature varies according to the negotiations made throughout the establishment registration process, so check this at the time of your negotiation with the channel.