Stripe's API key is made up of two pieces of information: Public Live Key and Secret Live Key.
You need this information to enter on your during the channel configuration:

The [User] field is your email or login used to log into the Stripe portal!

To get the rest of the information, follow the steps below on your Stripe portal:

  1. Access your Stripe portal;
  2. Find the [API Keys] option on the left side;
  3. Check whether the API keys displayed on the screen are in "Live" mode;
  4. Click on [Reveal Live Key Token];
  5. Save the "Publishable Key" and "Secret Key" data to put them on Stays!

The above tutorial was made based on the original Stripe article on the topic.
Click here to see the original article.

Now that you have your Stripe API key in hand, choose one of the actions below to proceed: