With this tool you will be able to view all the messages exchanged in your website/system in any period of time. Just use the page filters and you will see all the content since it's saved automatically.

To view the Chats history, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Menu <<Offers & Promotions > Sales Chat Hisroty>> or <<Offers & Promotions > Support Chat History>>;
  2. To access the content, click on the  icon located on the right side of the screen after each consultant's name.


What's the difference between the Sales and the Support Chats? (via website)

Sales Chat refers to the room for making reservations (help).

Support Chat refers to Customer Service contact room (problem solving).

Both can be accessed through the system and there's a tab for each room.

Who is the consultant?

It is the responsible (logged in person who answered the chat) that took the service - the one that first responds to the request.