By adding payment to a Reservation or registering Receipts and Payments that involve bank operations in the system's Finance Module, the system will ask you what Bank to proceed with, and in order to finish the process it is essential that you register all the bank accounts used in your enterprise's daily routine.

To import Banks, just follow these steps:

    1. Go to [Channels & Tools > Payment Gateways> Bank Import];

    2. Click on the "+" green icon;

    3. Fill the required fields on the right side of the screen;

    4. By the end of the process, do not forget to activate and save your Bank.

Upon registering your Banks, you will have the appropriate options when posting payments and receipts linked to a Bank in the system, as shown below:

Important Information about the Importing Interface

  • In the "Account data" field, insert the agency and the account numbers. It is a "free-text" field and will serve only as an inside tracker for you;
  • The "Import Method" field is the main importing field, because from it there will be a compatibility between your bank statement and the system. It's highly recommended to check our compatible statements list before filling this field;
  • In "Accounting Settings", the available option is applied only if your enterprise has more than one business name. If it does, it is recommended to register your business names in the system before linking them to the Bank.


Which Import Method should I choose?

Usually, the Import Method already comes with the Bank in its name, so you just have to relate them in most cases. However, in cases when a Bank has more than one import option, or if your Bank generates more than one file type on Internet Banking, see the compatible model here.

I want to have my bank account shown on my website so that my guests can perform bank transfers when making Reservations. Can this be done?

Yes. This proccess is made from registering a payment channel called "Bank Transfer".

In this case, you should register the Bank as was indicated in this article, and the payment channel as said above.