Applicable tool for seasonal rental managers who work with rate deductions before start the calculations for the Transfer. Major examples include card fees, ISS abatement or cleaning fees, among other applications.

To register your fixed rates that will hit the value of the Transfer, follow the path below:

  1. Access [Catalog> Auxiliaries > Fee Manager];
  2. Select the "+" button and select the name of the fee;
  3. After choosing the name, select what will be the fee charge model;
    Important: Learn more about charge templates by clicking here!
  4. Define whether the fee will be charged in a standard to all accommodations or each product will have its configuration;
  5. Choose "Yes" from the "Repeat Fee while Forwarding?" option;
  6. Click the "Save" button located at right top of the page.


Is it possible to edit the fees at the time of the transfer?
Yes. During the transfer process you can do actions like add, change values or even delete the Reserve Transfer.

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If I choose the% option, what is the reference value?
It depends on the chosen Commission Model. The system will send as the original sales value an amount according to the configuration and from it the rate will lower the value.

Where do I define the Commission Models?
You can define within [Catalog> Settings> Landlord Settings] near the bottom of the page look for the "Commission Template" tab. Click here to see more details about Comission Templates!

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