SEO is a tool used to increase a website visibility in relation to internert searches. When you categorize your modules with an appropriate SEO for each market segment, finding your target audience becomes much easier.

Editing the SEO of the pages of the site

By customizing the SEO content of the pages of the site you increase the reach of your brand in searches in the internet, guaranteeing several "ports of entry". You can get users searching for Promotions in your city, or just focused on real estate for sale or even, users who want to know more about your company.

A good tip also in this process is to establish a good link between your pages through links, as this improves your content, thus enhancing your brand in the search ranking. To edit the SEO of your site, simply follow the path below:

        1. Access [Website & Template Manager > CMS > SEO].

        2. Choose the field you wish to change.

        3. Click on 'Edit' and then 'Translate'

        4. Save your changes when finished.

Once you get to the screen, you can choose the tab you want to edit. Below is the list of what each tab relates to:

  • Home: your website home page.
  • Rent: the holiday rentals segment.
  • Promo: the promotions segment, in case its enabled.
  • Rio: segment used to define the turism SEO, if enabled.
  • Sale: sales segment.
  • Longrental: segment for long term rent.
  • Contact: segment for contact information of your company.

Editing Lists SEO

Directed to users with advanced knowledge in digital marketing, the system will provide you with the ability to edit the SEO of your ads. It's important to know that our system will already build content based on your business name and ad description. To edit the SEO of your ads, you must follow two steps:

Step #1 - Enabling custom setting per list

Go to [Catalog> Settings> Website Settings] and locate the option "Would you like to set up the SEO of your lists?" and choose "yes".

Do not forget to save the configuration at the end of the process!

Step #2 - Editing SEO on the Accommodations Page

The hardest part you've ever done in the previous step! Now just go to the page of your accommodations and find the left [SEO] option. Once you get there, simply click on the language you want to change and save changes at the end of the process.

The fields of editing SEO

SEO is a concept with several theories about which is the right model. This is related to the formula used by the search pages to find and rank the results, so this is very dynamic and secret. If you want to develop this area of your brand and site to the extreme, we recommend to seek a digital marketing consultancy, but to begin with it is important that you know what each field is:

  • Static page title: It's the title of your page. It should be an attractive content to the user to motivate them to visualize the preview of what your page brings. On the search pages, this is where the user clicks to access the page. Note: In this case, you can use up to 60 characters to enter your title.
  • Description: Works as a complement to Static Page Title. It serves to base the content shown in the previous field and should further instigate the user's willingness to access the page. Usually it should be a short and objective content that brings the central idea of the page. Note: In this case you can use up to 270 characters to enter your description.
  •  Keywords: For the end user who does the search, it will not appear, but it has an influence on the final result of the searches. Usually it is good to use up to 08 words that are related to the content and we must separate by comma. Example of keywords: stays, software, PMS, CRM, rent, season, channel, manager.

The combination of these factors leads to a result similar to the one below:


Is it possible to change the SEO for each listing?

Yes, it's possible through the tab "General Configuration" inside of each accommodation.

Will the changes I made to my site's SEO be instantly applied to the search pages?
No. This process is time-consuming because it depends on the actions of the web search pages. In Google for example, the process takes an average of 07 days for the update of your sitemap to be applied and read by them.

What are "Organic Searches"?
Probably when reading SEO articles you will come across this term. If you have not yet been introduced to the concept, it means that your page has been accessed through search results without the aid of additional tools such as paid ads on search pages for example. In practice, it means that you are doing a good job in relation to the SEO and content of your pages!