Registering Partners is important to measure where your sales come from, and thus, with these informations, you can better strategize your business, be it an expansion for new Partners or concentrate actions in only those that give more volume of activities.

How do I register my Business Partners?

  1. Access [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Partnerships]
  2. Click the blue arrow on the upper right side of the screen.
  3. In the registration form of this new Partner, it will be possible to register:

    Partners website

    (internal information)

    How many days after check-in date will your partner pay you by the Reservation? 

    (internal information)

    E-mail Template 

    (It makes personalized e-mail reservations related to the Restrictions in order to reinforce the Partnership or to conform to the Sales Channels Policy)

    Reservations made on the Site

    (It is for cases where the Partner only advertises, but the Booking process is done on your website. This will be considered in the Statistics on how the Reserves were closed and what the Reserve sources are)


    (will be the % paid according to the total value of the reserves daily rates)

  4. Click on Save.

Note: By accessing the menu [Actions> Monthly Costs] you can add a fee paid to the partner as a monthly cost, which helps in the organization of the financial routine, and adds this rate to the Accounts Payable.

Done! Now your Business Partner is registered in the Partnerships.