The integration of Mercado Pago and Stays is simple and it involves basic settings that set the payment channel behavior on your system. Do not have an account on Mercado Pago yet? Register here.

What you find in this article

Copy Mercado Pago API credentials

Before getting started, access Mercado Pago, go to [Your business > Settings > Management and Administration > Credentials] and copy the API credentials. Check if they are on the production mode, that means, public key and access token.

For more information about Mercado Pago API credentials, see the channel's official material.

How to set Mercado Pago on your system

  1. Go to [Finance > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways>, click on the green button and select Mercado Pago;
  2. Activate a channel and create an internal name. Write down the content guests will see about the channel on the [Title] and [Description] fields;
  3. Select, at least, a currency, credit card and save the changes. During the reservation process, choose if the guest may continue on your website or if it will get redirected to the Mercado Pago environment;
  4. Fill out the information with the API credentials you copied.

There are other settings such as installments and discounts per payment method. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen and fill it out according to your preferences.