The Despegar Partnership ID is what will make it possible to send contents through API to the channel from your, so this is the first step to start your connection between the platforms!

Temporarily, the API connection with Despegar is only available for listings located in Brazil.

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Starting the Despegar registration through Stays

To start the registration process on Despegar, go to the [Channel Managers > Despegar] menu of your and click on the Account > Link new account tab.

In the Information about the Host section, enter your correct information and save, because Despegar will send you an e-mail to authenticate the e-mail address and the Terms and Conditions for you to accept the partnership:

To complete your registration, click on the link of the e-mail sent by Despegar, authenticate your account and accept the Terms and Conditions:

E-mail authentication
Final Result
After authenticating the e-mail, it is necessary to read the partnership Terms and Conditions and accept to complete the process.After completing the acceptance of the Terms, you will have your Despegar Partnership ID in your and you can proceed with the connections!

Monitoring the progress of your registration through Stays

After starting your registration through Stays you will be able to follow the progress of your partnership in the same Account tab of the Stays do channel manager, where you will have an account partnership number and a registration status next to it, as in the example below:

Check out below the status and meanings of each one of them:

PENDING_INTEGRATIONIndicates that the registration process is in progress, however it is necessary to complete the authentication of the e-mail and the acceptance of the Despegar Terms and Conditions (as mentioned above in the article).
TC_ACCEPTEDIndicates that the Terms and Conditions have already been accepted by the host and the preliminary process is complete.

After you have registered on Despegar, it is time to proceed with the settings of your channel manager!