When pricing your Stays.net listings, a good practice is to create different minimum nights (rate plans) to make your listings attractive to as many traveler profiles as possible.

Based on this, it is important that you properly understand how these rate lines additional to the base price will relate to the Tripmood portal.

See the table below:

Pricing model
Length of stay discount (LOSD)Only the base amount of the period (minimum of nights and daily rates) will be recognized for Tripmood, but it is possible to apply weekly and monthly discounts via the channel portal, in the Prices option of each listing.
Common Rate PlansOnly the base amount of the listing (minimum of nights and daily rates) will be recognize for Tripmood.
As Tripmood´s weekly and monthly discount field only works with percentage and this price model on Stays uses only absolut amounts, we recommend not to use the option so you do not have prices misalignment.
Pricing Rules (Advanced)Like the LOSD model, Tripmood will recognize only the base amount of the period (minimum of nights and daily rates).
Since it is a model in which the discount between the rate plans vary according to the period of the year, we do not recommend using the weekly and monthly discount on Tripmood to avoid fees misalignment.
Even if your pricing model is not compatible with the discounts on Tripmood, remember that the reservation process is done via your Stays.net website, so if the guest proceeds to the quotation part, he will have in your website a smaller price than the one on Tripmood portal, and this results in a positive experience in the buying process.
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