The flow of the reservation process on the Tripmood portal will be determined based on the characteristics of your, that is, if you have website, the process will be integrated between the platforms and the user will get to your page and, if you don't have, you will receive inquiries on the Tripmood portal and will be able to create the reservations on your calendar.

 See more details below:

Users with website

After the Tripmood user selects the dates, there will be a button called Reserve Online, which will be in charge of forwarding the user to your website to complete the purchase process, as the example below:

Remember that for having a good conversion rate, it is necessary to have online payment channels on your!
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Users without website (Super Host plan or other routines)

In this case, the users of the portal will be able to request you budgets about the listing and you will be able to negotiate the reservations with them via Tripmood.
The management can be made from the Minhas Mensagens menu of your Tripmood advertiser panel and in the sales made, you will be able to create manually the reservations in your calendars:

Tripmood website flow
Budgets Management

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