Integrating Stays credentials on Tripmood

After having activated Tripmood in your app center and having chosen your listings that will be connected, go to your Tripmood advertiser portal and access the [Anúncios > Integrações] menu, choose Stays and fill in the information as the example below:

Remember that the Stays URL, Login and Password information will be available after activating the Tripmood channel in the [App Center > Channels > Tripmood] menu in the [App Config] section.

Import of listings

After applying your Stays credentials on Tripmood, you must wait a period of up to 24 hours for your listings to get on the platform, and this period varies according to the volume of listings that you send.
In the [Anúncios > Meus Anúncios] menu, you will see your listings listed, as the example below:

The listings are already published automatically when completing the import, so if you want to pause the publication, go to the Alterar column and click on Pausar Publicação.
By clicking on the photo of the listings, you will be able to explore more options of the channel, information and other details.
For more details, please contact our Tripmood support team via or phone +55 (11) 2391-6914.

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