Tripmood Activation

The Tripmood activation on your must be made via [App Center > Channels > Tripmood] menu.

With that, just check the Active option and save the changes at the top right side of the page:

Additional Information

After activating the App you will have some additional configuration to make, so see below the general instructions:

Connection managed by listingBy checking [Yes], you will be able to choose from the [Channel Managers > Tripmood] menu which listings from your portfolio will be available for the integration.
We recommend you checking [Yes], because on Tripmood your listings are published immediately after the import, so when managing by listing you will be able to choose the products that you want to publish.
Price CorrectionIn this case, as it is a channel that sends users to finish the purchase on your website, keep the value as 0% and don't make it editable per listing.
API CredentialsThe URL, Login and Password fields will be the information needed to configure the integration with Stays on your Tripmood portal.
You don't need to take actions on Stays on these information, they are generated automatically after the App activation.

Now that you already know how to activate Tripmood on the Stays App Center, how about checking out how to choose the listings to be connected?