To help you know the details about the connection between and Tripmood, we created the table below with the most frequently asked questions:

Is it necessary to have CNPJ to advertise on the channel?No, it is not necessary to have CNPJ to advertise.
Is there a minimum of listings to connect?There is no restriction on the number of listings.
The platform also suits listings outside of Brazil, already counting with partners in the United States and, soon, partners in Europe too. 
What is the cost to advertise on Tripmood?
The listing of listings is made for free and as the reservations process is made in your website, there is also no charging of commissions on the Tripmood's side.
If you want, it is possible to become a monthly subscriber of the platform to have access to more tools.
Is there content connection between Stays and Tripmood?Yes, there is.
Tripmood will do the import title, description, amenities, address and other information from your Stays descriptive content.
In addition, you can configure more fields on the channel's portal, such as the house rules, attractions nearby and other specific information about Tripmood.
Is it possible to update the descriptive content of a Tripmood listing via Stays?Yes, it is.
Regarding the contents imported via Stays, as soon as there are changes on, Tripmood will make the updates.
The additional contents to the Stays connection (cited in the previous item of the table) must be updated directly on the channel's portal.
Does Tripmood work with multi listing location?
No, it does not.
It is a listings portal geared towards vacation rental, so your listings will be listed individually on the portal.
Will the rate registered on Stays be sent to the channel?Yes, it will.
Tripmood will update the information generated via in short intervals of a few minutes.
In most cases, only the base rate plan will be sent and it will be possible to apply the weekly and monthly discount via Tripmood portal
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Will Tripmood recognize my additional fees registered on will include all your additional fees in the reservation process on the portal, in order to make the amounts as close as possible between their portal and your website and, with that, increase the searches conversion fee.
Does Tripmood work with charging per additional guest (derived prices)?Yes, it does.
This information is read by Tripmood and will change the amount of the Additional guests field during the search of the users on the Tripmood platform.
Will the reservations made on Tripmood get to the Stays calendar?No, they will not.
Tripmood is a channel that will redirect the users to the listing page on your website, so the guests will finish the purchase process as if it was a direct sale via your website!
If you are on the Super Host plan, you will receive queries and will need to make reservations manually.
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Will Tripmood receive the information of the calendar?Yes, it will.
The calendar is updated every 5 minutes by Tripmood, from the iCal connection model.
You will not need to make any additional action about this, because the channel imports the link automatically and this connection serves only as basis for queries and the redirect to your website.
Will Tripmood receive the check-in and check-out restrictions registered on, it will not.
These information will be on your website and will be displayed on your page at the moment of the purchase on the guest's side.
Does Tripmood receive the cancellation policies registered on, it does not.
The cancellation policy content will be present on your website, during the reservation process.
On Tripmood there will be indication of your price and availability, in addition to the listing content, but the negotiation is made always by guests and hosts.
How is the charging of the reservation amount made to the guest?It is a reservation routine in your website.
Tripmood will only forward the guest to your page, so the purchase will be made in your website!
Can I cancel a Tripmood reservation via screen?Yes, you can.
It is a normal reservation cancellation made in your website and Tripmood has no relation with this process.
Can I communicate with the Tripmood guest via screens?Yes, you can.
As if it was a standard reservation made in your website!
Does the channel accept instant reservation?No, it does not.
The channel will direct the guest to the host so that the negotiation is made and the reservation is approved.
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Now that you already know about the main characteristics of the connection between and Tripmood, how about proceeding to the registration process and connection with the channel?