If you need to disconnect your listings with CasaTemporada, follow the steps below:

1Disconnect your listings on your Stays.net systemAccessing the [Channel Managers > Casa Temporada > Listings] menu, click on the arrow next to the desired listing and select the [Disconnect] option.
2Deactivate the channel from your App CenterThrough the [App Center > Channels > Casa Temporada] menu, click on the arrow next to the channel and select the [Not Active] option. Save the changes made at the top right of the screen.

However, if you choose to terminate the Stays-CasaTemporada integration, it is also necessary to access your channel's extranet through the [Account > Integrations] menu and interrupt the connection with Stays.

If you have questions about this process in your extranet, please contact the channel team through the contato@casatemporada.com email.