From the integration with the, it is possible to enable on your website the payment via PIX option.

To active this payment method, check out the necessary steps in the table below:

1PIX activation on dashboard.It is essential to activate the payment via PIX directly on the channel. Contact the team, they will help you in this setting. Without the activation on the dashboard, the connection to the channel does not work. PIX channel configuration on activate this option on your website, you need to access the [Finance > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways] menu.SEE DETAILS
3Test transaction Creation.To validate your settings, we suggest creating a test transaction of payment after the PIX registration.
In the Payment Configuration > +Create PIX for testing section.
4Pix integrated into the website.When you finish all the steps, you will be able to receive payments of the reservations via PIX on your website.