The integration with allows enabling payments via Pix on your Stays website. Check out the necessary steps to activate this payment method.

What you find in this article

Step 1. Activate the Pix on the dashboard

It is essential to activate the payment via Pix directly on the channel. Contact the team and ask for support with this setting. Without this step, the connection to the channel does not work.

Step 2. Set up the Pix on your system

To activate this option on your website, you need to access the [Finance > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways] menu. Check the full step by step here.

Step 3. Make a test transaction

We suggest creating a test transaction of payment after the Pix registration. To do that, go to [Payment settings > +Create Pix for testing].

 After that, the payment via Pix will be available on your website. Learn more about the Pix integration with