In this article, we show you how the accountability to owners works.

By using this feature, you will be able to have more transparency with owners, organize the listings of incomes and expenses and organize the money order of your finance team, including other benefits.

What you find in this article

Manual Reservations Forwarding

It is the most recommended forwarding method for those who are starting to use the platform, as you can validate and edit amounts before confirming the amount for the owners and continue with the payment routine for them.  

Automatic Reservations Forwarding

It is the recommended method for users who are already familiar with the Stays reservations forwarding routine and have aligned amounts, without the need for any adjustments before confirming the amount to the owners.

The automation allows you to only validate the amounts in the [Finance > Owner Statements] menu to create money orders for your owners.

Owner's Extranet

It is the space provided for owners to access accounting information regarding the reservations forwarding, as well as the occupancy calendar.

It is possible to manage the resources available to owners according to their transparency policy.

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