Configuring your bank account that receives the Airbnb amounts is important for you to correctly receive the amounts paid by your guest during the reservation confirmation on the Airbnb website, in addition to future payment updates when there is a change in the total amount of the reservation made on the channel.

Once the change is made to the channel, you will receive the updated information in your reservations page and in the receipts routine [Receivable Accounts].

To configure the bank account that receives the amounts paid to you by Airbnb, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers > Airbnb] menu;
  2. Go to the [Settings > Finance] tab;
  3. Find the [Accounting] section;
  4. In the [Bank Account] field, choose the desired bank;
  5. Click on the green icon, at the top of the page, to save.
This configuration has as its only use the financial routine.
To adjust your bank account registered on Airbnb, you must continue to do so through your Airbnb portal!

After choosing your bank, it is possible to make future changes, but this action will only affect future transactions. 
The existing transactions will remain linked to the previous bank!

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