To create your products on Despegar using your records, go to [Channel Managers > Despegar] and access the Listings tab.

What you find in this article

Step #1 - Starting the Local Connection

Choose the listing and click on Connect to start the process, as in the image below:

Step #2 - Select the "Create a location on the channel" option

After clicking on Connect, choose the option highlighted in the image below:

By the end of the process, you will receive a Despegar location ID and your location will be created, as in the example below:

Step #3 - Send the listings of your location

After creating your location on Despegar, it is time for you to send your listings that is inside the location.
To do that, select the desired listing and click on Connect, as in the image below:

Next, click on the Create listing option and confirm your action:

What should appear on the screen and the next steps?

At the end of creating your listing, you will have an identifier number next to it and this means that your location already has a linked listing, as in the image below:

With that your next step is the verification of the content by the Despegar team and the creation of your Business Name, where you will receive an e-mail from the channel with further instructions.
After this e-mail, just proceed to publish your listings through!