Before sending your listings to Despegar, you need to adjust your channel manager's settings so that the connection is in accordance with your policies and Despegar's policies, in addition to your reservation operation and prices being aligned.

Therefore, when accessing the [Channel Managers > Despegar] menu you have the Settings tab, where you can make several adjustments:

Check below what you should do in each tab:

In the Administrator or Agency Plan, you will be able to define which member of your team will be responsible for the reservations that arrive through Despegar.
In addition, it is possible to select a listing owner, if you want.
FinanceYou will be able to configure an increase in the value of your original daily rates when sending prices to the channel, as a way of balancing your income with the commission charged by Despegar on Reservations.
In addition, in the Agency Plan it is possible to define in which accounting position the values referring to the channel commission will be allocated.
Communication with guestsIn this area, among other configuration there is the section Communication with guests where you can set the person responsible for receiving contact from Decolar guests. In addition you can set a person responsible per listing.
Cancellation PoliciesYou must relate your cancellation policies with the Despegar models that are most compatible with your policy.
Remember that Despegar cancellation policy is the one that will prevail in reservations made on the channel.
Fees & Taxes
You must relate your additional fees configured on Stays with existing fees on Despegar.
This link is essential for your charges to reach the channel and it is important that you understand the Despegar fee policies in order to correctly follow the channel guidelines.

After completing the basic setup step for the Despegar channel on your, you are ready to proceed with the connection of your listings!