To help you know the details of the connection between and MyOffer, we created the table below with the most frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Question
Is it necessary to have a VAT to advertise on the channel?It is not necessary.
Is there a minimum number of listings to connect?There is no restriction on the number of listings.
Is there a content connection between Stays and MyOffer?No, there is not. The connection is focused on calendar queries.
Will the rates registered on Stays be sent to the channel?The platform is used to connect guests and hosts to make booking negotiations, so the Stays prices will not be used.
Will reservations made on MyOffer arrive on the Stays calendar?Yes, they will.
When making a reservation on the MyOffer portal, the reservations will arrive on your calendar.
Will MyOffer receive the calendar information?Yes, it will.
Offers made on the MyOffer portal will always get the calendar to return on the availability.
Will MyOffer receive the check-in and check-out restrictions registered on, it will.
MyOffer will import the contents registered in your calendar.
Does MyOffer receive the cancellation policies registered on, as it is a negotiation platform between host and guests and the terms may vary according to the negotiation.
How is the guest charged for the booking amount?The charging will be fully made through MyOffer.
Can I cancel a MyOffer reservation through a screen?No, you cannot.
All negotiation and management of bookings must be done through MyOffer portal.
Does MyOffer accept prices in reais?Yes, it does.
The channel is compatible with the currency and already has listings located in Brazil.

MyOffer is a Stays partner in the implementation phase and this material has as main objective the alignment of information between the platforms.
When the integration is released, our team will notify on our service channels!