In order to integrate the user registration routine on your website with Facebook and other routines, you will need to provide in the Stays app center the Facebook app ID to apply the tool.

Therefore, you must follow the steps below to generate your application on your company's Facebook account:

Access the Facebook developer panelGo to and click on [My Apps].
2Select the [Create App] optionWhen accessing the panel, click again on [My Apps] and then on the [Create App] button.
3Select [Consumidor]In the application options, select the [Consumidor] option.
4Fill in the application informationPut the name of the app, a contact email and, if you wish, link it to an account of your business manager.
Select the [Facebook Login] sub-optionRight after selecting the previous item, go to the [Facebook Login] option and click on [Set Up].
Click on the [Web] optionIn the center panel, in the list of options, click on the [Web] action.
Put your website addressPut your page address in the [Site URL] field and save the change made.
Fill in additional app informationAfter clicking on [Em desenvolvimento] again, you must enter a link to your privacy policy and a page about deleting users.
Save the changes made at the end!
Post your app on FacebookGo to [Em desenvolvimento] again at the top of the screen and turn your app to public mode!

After performing these actions, just collect your Facebook application ID and add it to the Stays' App Center:

Now that you know how to create an application on Facebook and how to apply it on Stays, how about checking out other tools related to digital marketing and increasing your website's performance?