To help you understand the details of the connection between and HyperGuest, we created the table below with the most frequently asked questions:

Is it necessary to have a VAT number to advertise on the channel?It is not necessary.
Is there a minimum number of listings to connect?There is no restriction on the number of listings.
Is there a content connection between Stays and HyperGuest?Yes, there is.
When you activate HyperGuest on your App Center, HyperGuest will collect information from your listings and display it on their portal.
Is it possible to update the descriptive content of a HyperGuest listing through Stays?Yes, it is.
Just make your listing changes on and the changes will be applied to HyperGuest after an interval.
Will the tariff registered at Stays be sent to the channel?Yes, it will be.
The channel supports different pricing policies, therefore, your Stays prices will arrive as well as tariff plans.
Will reservations made on HyperGuest arrive on the Stays calendar?Yes, they will.
HyperGuest will transmit the information to your calendar.
Will HyperGuest receive calendar information?Yes, it will.
Will HyperGuest receive the check-in and check-out restrictions registered on, it will.
HyperGuest will import the contents registered in your calendar.
Does HyperGuest receive the cancellation policies registered on, it does.
The cancellation policy applied per listing or global model will be imported by HyperGuest on their portal.
How is the guest charged for the reservation amount?HyperGuest will collect the guest card data and share it with you.
The charging is the sole responsibility of the PM.
Will HyperGuest receive my Multi-Unit Listings registered on, it will.
As a channel that also advertises hotels, HyperGuest is compatible with the accommodation complex.
Can I cancel a HyperGuest reservation through a screen?Yes, you can.
HyperGuest supports's reservation status change.
Just use common sense when canceling your reservations!
Does HyperGuest accept prices in reais?Yes, it does.
The channel is a global accommodation distributor, therefore, it supports multiple currencies.