To help you know the details of the connection between and Booking, we created the table below with the most frequently asked questions:

Is it necessary to have VAT to advertise on the channel?No, it is not.
Is there a minimum number of listings to connect?No, there is not.
Is there a content connection between Stays and the OTA?Yes, there is.
If the listing was created through Stays, the content is updated automatically.
If the listing already existed on Booking and was only connected to Stays, you will be able to manually update the content in your Stays channel manager.
Can I edit the address of my Booking listings through Stays?No, you cannot.
The information entered on Stays will only be used during the creation of the listing, however the subsequent change of address must be requested from the team.
Another important point is that the neighborhood on Booking is generated based on the latitude and longitude you set on Stays and not on the text in the [Neighborhood] field of the listing registration!
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Can I edit the description of my Booking listings through Stays?No, you cannot.
Booking generates the description of the listings automatically, so neither Stays nor any other channel manager can make this edit.
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In how many sites will the listing be advertised from that connection?The advertisement will only be on the Booking website, however it is important to mention that the channel is very active in digital marketing campaigns.
Will the rates registered at Stays be sent to the channel?Yes, they will.
It is just important to be careful and, if your listings already have offers registered before the connection, the ideal is to disable them and centralize these actions on your Stays.
Will bookings made on Booking get on the Stays calendar?Yes, they will.
You will receive complete information, but if you are importing reservations created before the connection with Stays, for security reasons, in these cases, reservations will have less information.
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Will the Stays calendar be sent to the Booking calendar?Yes, it will.
Right after your calendar changes on Stays, we will send this information to Booking.
Does send check-in and check-out restrictions to the Booking calendar?Yes, it does.
We send this update once a day to Booking.
Does send additional fees to be charged?Yes, it does.
After creating your fees on Stays and registering amounts, you will only have to configure their relationship with Booking in the [Configuration] tab of your channel manager Stays.
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Will send the fee I charge per additional guest?Yes, it will.
If you already have this configuration in your Booking listings before the connection with Stays, it is recommended to check after the connection if your Stays settings are applied in the listing, as we do not work with the model of discount per less guests as does Booking.
Does send the cancellation policies to Booking?Yes, it does.
You need to configure the model per listing or global on Stays and then list the models with the most compatible model from Booking in the [Configuration] tab of channel manager Stays.
Remember that for reservations made on Booking, what prevails are the Booking policies!
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How is the booking amount charging made to the guest?By default, Booking sends credit card details to Stays and you can charge the guest.
There is also the option to enable the "prepayment" option and Booking charges part of the amount.
Is it possible to mark the guest card data as invalid through, it is.
This action is done through the Stays reservation page.
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Is it possible to market several listings in the form of a category (e.g., standard, deluxe)?Yes, it is.
You just need to set up the rates groups on Stays.
If you already have reservations in these listings and did not work like this before the Stays connection, please let us know before the connection!
Can I cancel a Booking reservation through screen?You can start the cancellation process by marking the credit card as invalid or when the guest does not show up for the booking (no-show).
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How can I communicate with Booking guests through can send emails through the reservation page or automatically, in addition to the WhatsApp messaging option.
We will soon have the feature available in the [Messages Central] menu as well!
Can I change Booking reservation dates through my channel extranet?Yes, you can.
You will be able to change the dates of a reservation before check-in through Booking. However, this action will override the availability sent from Stays to the channel. Be careful not to overbook!
What is the commission amount charged by Booking?The pattern is 13% on the total of the reservation (including the fees). However, it may change depending on the type of agreement made between the user and the channel.
Does the channel accept instant booking?Yes.
The channel accepts only Instant Booking.
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If you want to see more details about the channel, click on the link below!
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Now that you already know the details of the Booking connection, how about knowing how to proceed with the connection of your Stays listings with the channel?