Is it necessary to have VAT to advertise on the channel?
No, it is not.

Is there a minimum number of listings to connect with Booking?

No, there is not.

Is the content of my listing also connected with Booking?

Yes, it is. If you change a created listing via Stays, the new content is automatically updated on Booking. 

Can I edit the address of my Booking listings via Stays? 

No, you cannot. The inserted information on Stays is applied to create a listing, however, if there is any address change, it must be requested to the Booking team. Another important topic is that the neighborhood on Booking appears from the latitude and longitude that you configured on Stays, and not from the one you inserted on the [Neighborhood] field on the listing's register.

Can I edit my Booking listings' description via Stays? 

No, you cannot. Booking automatically generates the listings' description, so neither Stays nor any other channel manager can edit it.

Where will my Booking listing be advertised? 

Just on the Booking website, however, it is important to mention that the channel is very active in terms of digital marketing campaigns. 

Will the registered rate be sent to the channel?

Yes, it will. If your listings already have offers registered before the connection, the ideal is to deactivate them and centralize these actions on Stays. 

Do the Booking reservations go to the Stays calendar? 

Yes, you receive the full information of the new reservations. For security reasons, reservations created before the connection with Stays have less information on the system. 

Is the Stays calendar sent to the Booking calendar? 

Yes, it is. Right after you edit the calendar on Stays, we send this information to Booking.

Does Stays send check-in and checkout restrictions to the Booking calendar?

Yes, it does. We send this update once a day to Booking.

Does Stays send additional fees to be charged? 

Yes, it does. After creating your fees on Stays and registering amounts, you will only have to configure their relationship with Booking in the [Configuration] tab of your channel manager Stays.

Does Stays send the fee that I charge per additional guest? 

Yes, it does. If you already have this configuration on your Booking listings before the connection with Stays, it is recommended to check after the connection if your Stays settings are applied in the listing, as we do not work with the model of discount per fewer guests, as does Booking.

Does Stays send the cancellation policies to Booking? 

Yes. You must configure the model per listing or global on Stays and then relate with the most compatible of Booking, by clicking on the [Configuration] tab on the channel manager. Remember that with closed reservations on Booking, what prevails are the Booking policies. 

How is the reservation amount charged to the guest?

By default, Booking sends the credit card data to Stays and you can charge the guest. There is also the option to enable the "pre-payment" option in which Booking charges part of the amount. 

Is is possible to select the guest's card data as invalid via 

Yes, it is. This action is done via Stays reservation's page.

Can I announce listings per category (e.g. standar, deluxe, basic, etc.)? 

Yes, you can, by registering your listings via vertical rate groups on Stays. If you already have reservations on these listings and do not use rate groups, please let us know before the connection.

Can I cancel a Booking reservation via screen?

You can start the cancellation by marking the credit card as invalid or when the guest does not show up to the reservation (no-show)

How can I communicate with Booking guests via Stays?

You can send emails via reservation's page or automatically, beyond sending messages via WhatsApp option. 

Can I change the Booking reservations' date via my channel's extranet? 

Yes, you can, by changing the dates of a reservation before check-in through Booking. However, this actoin will override the availability sent by Stays to the channel. Be careful not to overbook! 

What is the commission amount charged by Booking? 

The default is 13% on the total of the reservation (including fees). 

However, it may change depending on the type of agreement made between the user and the channel. 

Does Booking accept instant reservation? 

Yes, it does. The channel only works with instant reservations.

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