When connecting an Airbnb account to a channel manager, your listings will become part of the Simplified Pricing program, where the host pays 15% commission to the channel, but has full control over the final price paid by Airbnb guests.
There are some countries where it is possible to choose the commission feature.
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The API connection with Airbnb is available for more than one channel account, so you can register your Airbnb accounts on Stays.net through the path below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers > Airbnb] menu;
  2. Access the [Account] tab;
  3. Enter the internal name to identify your Airbnb account on the field [Set up account reference];
  4. Click on the icon on the right side to save the registration;
  5. Your account being logged into your browser, just click on [Conectar com o Airbnb];
  6. Authorize Stays to access your Airbnb panel to complete the account link.

After you complete the linking process for one account, you can repeat the process for your other accounts, as was done in the example below:

To do this you will need to obligatorily log out of your first linked Airbnb account in your web browser and start the process of linking with your other account from the first step.

If you co-host the listings to be connected, you will need to do the above process with each account that hosts your listings!
This is only necessary to make the listings available to connect with Stays and enable Stays to access the listing data on the platform!

After creating your Airbnb account or linking your listings accounts to Stays.net, the next step for channel connection is the settings panel.