Before submitting your listings to Vrbo via, it is necessary to make some adjustments in your to assure the flow of information between the two platforms. 

The settings can be done in [Channel Managers > API Vrbo > Configuration]:

Check the settings you need to adjust:

Rent Contract
To show your Vrbo guests your terms and conditions regarding the rentals, post for example content on the time of arrivals and departures, house rules and other information. 
Listings´ Currency
You should choose among the options USD (dollar) or EUR (euros) according to the Vrbo location that you wish to connect your listings in the Reservation Base Currency field.
Stays has an exchange rate convertor that will adjust your values during the sending of the prices, if needed.
Price Correction to the channel
You will be able to customize the sales prices to Vrbo from the Price Correction field.SEE DETAILS
Additional fees
If you have additional fees in the daily rates, like cleaning fees for example, it is possible to relate Stays charges and values to the current models in Vrbo.
This is important to ensure the alignments values in the listings and imported reservations.
Cancellation policy
Link your policies registered on with Vrbo models to ensure the alignment of information between the channels.
Remember that Vrbo reservations follow Vrbo policies!
Payment methods
Inform Vrbo which credit cards networks you accept in your business.
To charge using international currencies, we recommend you to use Stripe.
Email communication
In the Email Communication block, it is possible to set rules for email triggering to guests, such as reminders of reservations, requests for review, and reservation confirmation.
It is possible to set custom models according to the sales channel.
Regarding sales channels, if Stripe is not compatible in your country, please check more details on PayU and PayPal.
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